Welcome to Dungeon Drunks

Every week five friends get together, talk about their drinks, and play Dungeons & Dragons.

Dungeon Drunks began at Rooster Teeth's annual RTX convention. A group of podcasters from the community decided to raise money for charity by playing a game of D&D live in front of an audience. After a few years the success of the live game grew enough that fans started asking for regular games, and this podcast was born!

We are playing 5e D&D, romping around the world of Faerûn, with a bunch of homebrew content and rules. Join Jack as Travancore the half elf ranger, Jonathan as Jonathan the MagiMuscular the human wizard, John as Quarlton Tanks the half orc barbarian, and Julia as Burnice Q Burns the gnome cleric as they drink their way through adventures lead by Lauren (OboeCrazy) the Dungeon Master!