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    The homebrew boss monsters from the 2016 and 2017 RTX live games are available below. They include the original artwork by Luke McKay as well as the stat blocks created by Lauren (OboeCrazy) Urban. The episode that features each monster is listed, but be aware that in the heat of the show and reacting to what was going on in the fight, some powers or stats might have been altered on the fly. We offer them for free, and simply ask that if you use them you give us credit. Click on the images for full size!

  • The Clockwork Golem

    Hear the Clockwork Golem attack the party in Episode 31: RTX Live Game from 2016.

  • The Pie Monster

    The Legendary Pie Monster was the final boss of the 2017 RTX live game, and can be heard in Episode 76: RTX 2017 Live Game The Pie Festival!

  • Our Banner

    Our logo was created by Luke McKay, then Josh Phillips took that design and created this lovely banner!

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    Our theme music was created by Linnea Boyev. She composed and created it using Logic, with additional oboe performance by Lauren (OboeCrazy) Urban. Click here to listen to the original theme without voice over!

    Watch us play live games:

    We have a long, proud tradition of holding live D&D games at the RTX convention where people can donate to charity to participate in a variety of ways, from offering players advantage on rolls to becoming a player themselves or even playing the boss monster! Our first live game in 2013 was in a hotel meeting room with a few dozen friends and never recorded. In 2015 we graduated to a full panel at RTX, but the livestream failed so that game is lost to memory. The 2016 game was also never livestreamed but we DID manage to record the audio and that became an episode of our podcast. The two other games we have recorded are available below.

  • Our 2017 RTX live game was streamed on Twitch and is available to watch! See us do what we do every week, except with more arm waving.

  • In 2014 our charity game took place on the outdoor patio of an Irish pub, and thanks to a camera being passed around by friends we managed to record the game for posterity! See the early origins of Travancore and Jonathan the MagiMuscular! Part One and Part Two are both avaialble on YouTube.